Why Do You Have Bad Breath?

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Having bad breath is more than an embarrassing annoyance, the condition can be a sign of poor health. Read on to learn some of the reasons you could have bad breath and make an appointment with your dentist to help identify your oral issue.

What to Expect When Getting an Implant

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An implant is an artificial tooth that is inserted into the jaw bone. Unlike other forms of artificial teeth, implants are not removable. Implants are a permanent part of the mouth. These dental additions are inserted over the course of multiple dental procedures. As a patient, know what to expect when you go get a… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Bite Could Be Shifting

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If you’ve had a great smile and a great bite ever since your adult teeth finished growing in, you may be troubled to find that your bite has started to shift. Whether you’ve noticed that your top and bottom jaws don’t line up quite the same or that your molars don’t close together as easily… Read more »

From Diagnosis to Sweet Relief: Get to Know Root Canals

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When you experience ongoing, excruciating tooth pain, you can reach a point where you’ll do almost anything to find relief. However, you might question how strongly you desire pain elimination when you hear your dentist recommend a root canal, especially if you’ve never undergone this treatment before. The very name of this procedure sounds painful,… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Periodontal (Gum) Disease

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Periodontal (gum) disease occurs when the gum line becomes inflamed and progressively affects the bones that support the teeth. There are three stages in the development of gum disease, including gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Many individuals experience gum disease in their lifetime, but they don’t know basic information about this disease. Here are some… Read more »

Smart Foods That Improve Your Oral Health

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You want a dazzling, healthy, white smile that makes people stop in their tracks and take notice. You know how much your smile communicates about you, and you want it to last. But lately, your frequent cavities have you wondering if your diet is affecting your dental health. You want to have your cake and… Read more »

2 Ways to Correct the Gap in Your Teeth

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You’ve taken care of your teeth your whole life. Yet despite your efforts to maintain good oral health, you’ve lost several teeth along the way. Age, tooth decay, mouth injuries, or any other factor could have caused this loss. When you were only missing one tooth, that small gap didn’t seem like a huge concern-especially… Read more »

A Patient’s Guide to Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, offers one of the most versatile and helpful forms of sedation available in the dental industry. Whether you have never undergone nitrous before or you’re bringing in your child for his first serious dental procedure, understanding this sedation option can help you feel reassured and confident in your decision. In… Read more »

Why Get a Crown Instead of a Filling?

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You’ve been diligent about caring for your teeth throughout your life. You have a few older fillings in your mouth, but overall your teeth are in good shape. On most trips to the dentist for cleanings and checkups, your dentist declares that you don’t need any restorative dental treatments. But you have an unpleasant surprise… Read more »