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If you’re looking to get the best results in teeth whitening, overlook those store-bought brands on the pharmacy shelf and have your dental professional administer the industrial-strength whitener to your teeth at an in-office dental visit.

You’ve seen all of the various whitening strips, kinds of toothpaste, and trays every time you stop by the pharmacy for your prescriptions. There are a plethora of them, all with a mild amount of hydrogen peroxide to bleach yellowing teeth back to somewhat white. The problem is that with the low dose they contain it will take a lot of time and many applications before you will be able to see any results.

Your dentist has access to the good stuff. Whereas the store-bought kits have somewhere around 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide. The mega-strength kind your dentist uses contains up to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel. You can imagine how many more applications you will need with the store-bought kind to equal what just one session with your dentist will do.

The process of an in-office treatment goes something like this: Your lips and gums will be shielded with a protective substance so that they are not affected by the bleaching agent. The whitener will be applied to the teeth and activated by a UV light directed on the mouth. The powerful bleaching agent will yield results immediately. The whole process should be completed in under an hour.

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