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If you find excess pink discharge when you brush or floss your teeth, you should not dismiss it as a sign of an overly vigorous oral hygiene routine. In many of these situations, bleeding gums can be an early indicator of periodontal disease.

This is often the result of inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine. When residual sugar, food particles, and plaque are not effectively removed from the mouth, they can harden into tartar. Also known as calculus, the presence of this bacterial substance near the gumline can cause the gum inflammation of gingivitis.

This early stage of periodontal disease can also cause your gums to look inflamed and contribute to chronic bad breath. With early detection, gingivitis can often be treated by a professional dental cleaning treatment at JP Dental and Implant Center.

Once all traces of tartar have been removed from your teeth and gumline, you can further prevent recurrence of periodontal disease by maintaining a consistent daily oral hygiene routine.

If you don’t have gingivitis treated it a reasonable amount of time, it can gradually worsen into the serious periodontal condition of periodontitis. This level of severe inflammation can cause your gums to slowly recede from the base of your teeth. In time, small, concentrated pockets of infected material can start to form near the roots of your teeth, which could increase your chances of suffering tooth loss.

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