Understand Your Oral Health: Bad Breath Risk Factors

Are you familiar with common causes of bad breath and what they entail? Did you know that halitosis, also frequently referred to as bad breath, is a condition in which foul odors emanate from your mouth? Although foul odors do emanate from your mouth, they are not always caused by it. In some cases, bad… Read more »

A Loose Dental Bridge Needs Timely Attention

A dental bridge is intended to replace a tooth that was lost to a severe case of tooth decay, dental trauma or treatment-based extraction. The replicate dental work incorporates the missing tooth with a crown mounted on each end. It is secured to the healthy cores of the two teeth neighboring the void with a… Read more »

Better Results Had From Teeth Whitening by a Professional

If you’re looking to get the best results in teeth whitening, overlook those store-bought brands on the pharmacy shelf and have your dental professional administer the industrial-strength whitener to your teeth at an in-office dental visit. You’ve seen all of the various whitening strips, kinds of toothpaste, and trays every time you stop by the… Read more »

Shining a Light on Oral Health Care Treatments During Cold and Flu Season

Often times when we are sick, we find ourselves lacking the strength to accomplish anything. Even getting out of bed can be a chore. However, it is important to still maintain effective health care procedures to not only fight the illness but also to prevent future illnesses from arising. This includes taking care of your… Read more »

Rebuild Your Smile with Composite Dental Fillings

  In order to effectively treat your smile, it is important to understand the benefits of dental fillings. Dental fillings are cosmetic dentistry treatment options that are used to help fill in cavities that may be present in your smile. Cavities occur when a hole in your tooth enamel has formed. If dental fillings are… Read more »

Oral Health Care Highlights: Teenage Dentistry

Caring for your teeth as a teen is essential to ensure your smile has the greatest chance of oral health success for the rest of your life. As the last of your adult teeth grow in, the wisdom teeth, it is essential to make sure they grow in properly and receive the care they need…. Read more »

Bleeding Gums Are Often an Early Indicator of Periodontal Disease

If you find excess pink discharge when you brush or floss your teeth, you should not dismiss it as a sign of an overly vigorous oral hygiene routine. In many of these situations, bleeding gums can be an early indicator of periodontal disease. This is often the result of inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene… Read more »

Chronic Dry Mouth Sources and Solutions

It’s normal for your mouth to get dry as a result of nerves or dehydration. However, if your mouth feels exceptionally dry a large percentage of the time, you may have chronic dry mouth. Dry mouth means you aren’t producing enough saliva, which can wash and provide nutrition to your teeth and gums. This can… Read more »

Dental Crowns: Materials

While the first word you think of when you hear or read the word “crown” is probably “gold,” dental crowns actually come in a wide variety of substances — including gold. Here are a few of the many varieties that oral crowns can come in: Ceramic crowns. Ceramic crowns are porcelain-based, meaning they are created… Read more »

What Should I Do If I Broke a Tooth Away From Home?

Unfortunately, dental emergencies happen, even when you’re on the road away from home. Although this is inconvenient, troublesome, and stressful, you need to treat the problem and handle the situation as quickly as possible. This can help you have a restored oral health in a jiffy. If you have cracked or broken a tooth while… Read more »