2 Ways to Correct the Gap in Your Teeth

You’ve taken care of your teeth your whole life. Yet despite your efforts to maintain good oral health, you’ve lost several teeth along the way. Age, tooth decay, mouth injuries, or any other factor could have caused this loss. When you were only missing one tooth, that small gap didn’t seem like a huge concern-especially… Read more »

A Patient’s Guide to Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, offers one of the most versatile and helpful forms of sedation available in the dental industry. Whether you have never undergone nitrous before or you’re bringing in your child for his first serious dental procedure, understanding this sedation option can help you feel reassured and confident in your decision. In… Read more »

Teeth and Vegetarian Diets

You probably know that a diet can affect your health. Similarly, you probably know that a diet can affect your teeth—but do you know what a vegetarian diet could do to your teeth? Unfortunately, a vegetarian diet can lack some of the nutrition you need, which could eventually harm your teeth or gums. However, if… Read more »

Why Get a Crown Instead of a Filling?

You’ve been diligent about caring for your teeth throughout your life. You have a few older fillings in your mouth, but overall your teeth are in good shape. On most trips to the dentist for cleanings and checkups, your dentist declares that you don’t need any restorative dental treatments. But you have an unpleasant surprise… Read more »

The Implant Advantage

There are many common reasons why a person might need to have a tooth replaced. For example, over time teeth can become worn down or decayed to the point that they need to be extracted. A tooth may also be lost if it is severely damaged. Regardless of why a tooth is lost, it is… Read more »

Having Dental Veneers Installed to Improve the Teeth in Your Smile

Minor imperfections, chipped tooth enamel, and deeply stained teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. This drives many people to want to explore their options for the white and even smile they’ve always wanted. If you feel this way, you should consult with Dr. Poovey or Dr. Gorman to explore the best option… Read more »

A Brighter Smile for Spring

Spring is in the air! The sun is shining, flowers are starting to bloom, and your smile should be as brilliant as anything Mother Nature can offer. But if your teeth have faded over the years, you might not want to be as radiant as you have the potential to be. A laser whitening treatment… Read more »

Tips for Preventing Gum Disease

Hardened tartar buildup at the gum line is the primary cause of gum disease. The CDC estimates that 47% of people over 30 years old have gum disease to some degree. The earliest stage of gum disease, is known as gingivitis. Some of the more common symptoms include: red or inflamed gums that may also… Read more »

The 411 on Your Implant Installation Procedure

When you have gaps in your smile, you might not feel as confident about flashing your teeth as you once did. Luckily, modern dentistry has several options for you so you can fill the gaps. These options include bridges, full or partial dentures, and dental implants. All of these options give you a comfortable and… Read more »