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How to Clean Your Dentures

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Dr. Poovey
How to Clean Your DenturesWhether you have natural teeth or wear dentures, it is vital to steer clear of oral bacteria that may lead to infection. Dentures can be full, partial, flexible, or temporary. No matter which type you use, know that it is necessary to keep them clean in order to maintain oral hygiene.

Bacteria can latch onto your dentures and reduce their life span. Here are some simple ways you can prevent this from happening and keep your dentures fresh:

Rinse After Eating

Make sure you remove your dentures after every meal and rinse them thoroughly. This will free them from debris and other particles. Before you begin cleaning, place a towel at the bottom of the sink and fill it with some water. This will prevent your dentures from damage in case you drop them.

Remove Debris From Dentures

You don't have to buy expensive cleaning tools for denture care. For cost-effective cleansing, opt for a DIY method involving salt and baking soda. Mix them with some glycerin to form a toothpaste for cleaning your dentures. Buy a simple fingernail brush for removing debris.

Disinfect Dentures

It is crucial to disinfect dentures because acrylic ones contain pores that provides an environment conducive for infectious organisms. You can opt for a commercially-formulated cleaner, or soak your dentures in vinegar. However, make sure you do not use vinegar if your dentures contain metal parts.

Store them Properly

If you are not wearing your dentures for a long interval, make sure you clean them and store them in a glass of water or in a denture soaking solution. This will prevent them from drying out and losing their shape. Do not place them in a soaking solution if they contain metal, as the attachments can get tarnished.

Denture care is essential for maintaining daily hygiene and preventing bacterial infections. If you require dentures or any other form of dental care, you can visit us at JP Dental & Implant Center or give us a call at JP Dental & Implant Center.


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