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How Often Should You Come In for an Oral Cancer Screening?

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Dr. Poovey
How Often Should You Come In for an Oral Cancer Screening?Cancer can affect any part of your body and your mouth is no exception. With timely oral cancer screening, however, we can help identify early signs of cancer. We focus on a comprehensive examination of your mouth. This will help us look for any abnormal growths or questionable sores that could be cancerous.

If we notice something that is out of the ordinary then we may recommend getting an x-ray or a biopsy to check if the cells are benign or malignant. Timely oral cancer screening not only helps identify it at an early stage, but also encourages you to get treated so you can live a better quality of life. The earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the chances of complete recovery are.

Many times people suffer from sores or abnormal growths in their mouths that might be cancerous and they may not realize it. They are not necessarily painful which is why ignoring them is easy. It is only when we conduct a detailed oral cancer screening examination, we can identify the nature of these abnormalities.

Detecting Oral Cancer

The reason oral cancer screening is vital is it increases the chances of getting treated and living a good quality life. In later stages, the treatment of oral cancer could involve invasive surgeries. This may include partial or complete removal of your tongue or other parts of your mouth. This makes the road to recovery difficult and compromises the quality of life you live.

When You Should Schedule an Oral Cancer Screening?

Just like your regular dental exams, you should come in for an oral cancer screening at least once a year. While some people believe they may not be at risk for oral cancer since they do not consume any tobacco-based products, the truth is oral cancer can affect anybody irrespective of their lifestyle choices. It is always better to be safe and put your health first.

If you have not come in for your oral cancer screening this year, call us and schedule an appointment.


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