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Causes of Dental Cracks Are Many Times Avoidable

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Dr. Poovey
Causes of Dental Cracks Are Many Times AvoidableSeveral factors cause dental cracks. It can be due to falls or injury, grinding, and invasion of bacteria, among others. The good news is that these causes of dental cracks can be avoided. You can protect your teeth by avoiding triggers of dental cracks. This article discusses ways you can prevent dental cracks.

Protect Yourself

Most dental cracks are a result of falls or injuries. It can be due to damage from sports injuries, chewing hard on foods or objects, among others. Protecting yourself will eliminate the risk of dental injury, hence avoiding cracks. If you are engaging in vigorous sports activities like football, it is essential that you wear a protective mouthguard. In addition, you should never chew on ice or hard objects. Activities like using your teeth to open packages also increase the risk of dental cracks. We advise that you refrain from such activities. It can be difficult to prevent falls and accidents, but if you can, try to protect your mouth and face when falling.

Keep Teeth Strong

The enamel of your teeth is an extremely hard substance. But this does not mean that it is immune to damage. There are habits that can lead to the erosion of teeth enamel. For example, brushing teeth too hard, eating sugary foods, drinking acidic beverages, biting into hard substances like ice, among others. We recommend that you should avoid these habits for the safety of your teeth.

To keep your tooth enamel strong, you should brush your teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride. You should also floss regularly and, on an occasional basis, talk to us about your Vitamin D and calcium intake. These are two nutrients that are vital for the strengthening of your teeth. Protecting the tooth enamel will significantly reduce the risk of dental cracks. Visit our offices for more information on dental cracks and possible treatment.


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