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Teeth That Break Need to Be Repaired ASAP

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Dr. Poovey
Teeth That Break Need to Be Repaired ASAPHave you ever had it, where you are eating hard piece of candy and it feels like you're filling has come out of your tooth? Perhaps you can relate to this next scenario. Maybe you were using your teeth to do something you should not have been doing. Have you ever opened a bottle with your teeth? Have you ever unscrewed a lid with your teeth? Lastly, it could be that you were in an accident and felt part of your tooth floating around in your mouth? If so, you may have experienced the trauma of a broken tooth.

Broken Teeth Do Not Heal on Their Own

We wish it were different, but our teeth do not regenerate. If you have a broken tooth, it is critically important that you seek our professional dental help as soon as possible. Even if you have a small break in your tooth, small problems can become big and expensive problems. A broken tooth is an ideal place for infection to flourish. Not only that, but as an infection takes over a tooth, so does a toothache! Expect more pain as the time goes on if you do not fix a broken tooth.

An infection in your tooth should not be ignored. Put aside your financial apprehension and dental anxiety. We are here to help you and want to fix your broken teeth in the most cost effective and gentle way possible.

Schedule Your Routine Cleaning and Exam

It is important to come in right away if you have a broken tooth. However, it is also important to come to our office twice a year for your routine cleaning and dental exam. We take great pride in giving each tooth the attention and care it deserves. With the latest technology, our x-rays can see even chips or dental cracks that you may not even know are present. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.


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