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5 Ways Dental Implants can Protect your Oral Health

Woman smiling.With a high success rate of 95%, dental implants have revolutionized cosmetic surgery. However, not only do they give patients the luxury of having natural looking and functioning teeth, they can also protect your oral health. Here are five ways dental implants can improve your dental health.

Improve Gum Health

Unfortunately, gum disease is a common problem that affects people of all ages and may cause great distress. People who have experienced tooth loss find that they are more vulnerable to the disease. Empty sockets are very difficult to clean and become a perfect place for bacteria to breed, furthering the risk of gum disease. By opting for dental implants and filling those empty gaps in your smile, your chances of getting gum disease will minimize.

Jawbone Strength

Stimulation of jawbone function and strength is extremely important to keep it healthy. Unfortunately, when a patient loses teeth the jawbone begins to weaken over time, diminishing the foundation. A deteriorating jaw will only lead to increasing problems like further tooth loss and even facial collapse. Dental implants will allow the jaw to remain functional and strong for many more years.

Minimize Risk of Cavities & Tooth Decay

In addition to helping jawbone strength, dental implants also help prevent cavities and tooth decay. When a person loses teeth, neighboring teeth are at risk for tooth decay due to the surrounding empty sockets. This can lead to further extraction and tooth loss. Because dental implants are made with biocompatible materials, they are not susceptible to infection and thus, help keep the mouth healthy.

Improve Bite Alignment

Another benefit of this procedure is an improvement in bite alignment. When a tooth disappears, the neighboring teeth begin to shift out of place and corrupt the natural alignment. This change may result in problems in bite function, among other health problems. By choosing to fill in the empty gaps with dental implants, a patient can protect their smile and bite.

Protect Neighboring Teeth

As mentioned, neighboring teeth in proximity to gaps in the smile may suffer consequences as a result of tooth loss. However, dental implants will help preserve the health of those neighboring teeth by making sure the area surrounding them is healthy and disease free. This is also supported by the fact that the dentist always conducts an in-depth examination of the mouth, treating any pre-existing conditions before placing the implants.

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