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How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

woman smiling.If you’re looking for the best long-term tooth replacement option, dental implants are a great choice. Not only do they blend in well with your natural teeth, but they also require the same maintenance process as them. However, many people have a main concern: how long do dental implants typically last? Well, this largely depends on an individual’s choices and overall dental hygiene.

The technology involved in forming dental implants has become quite efficient and advanced over the past decade or two. This is why dental implant failures due to functionality problems or rejection are extremely rare occurrences. Pre-existing medical illnesses and the misuse of implants are now the most probable causes of dental implant failure.

What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Dental implants can last for many years because of the materials they are made of. The implant is usually made out of a zirconia or titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone to serve as a root for the crown. The abutment is another part of a dental implant that is tightened onto the implant to hold the crown. The last part of a dental implant is the crown, which is a false ceramic tooth that is placed on top of the abutment. The crown looks and functions like a natural tooth. Generally, it’s the abutment and the crown that are more prone to damage than the implant itself. This is mainly because these two are actively used to bite and chew food.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

If you follow the daily dental care routine such as brushing and flossing regularly, alongside going for your regular dental check-ups, then the implant screw can last you a lifetime. The crown of your dental implant might only last you 10 to 15 years before it may require a replacement. However, you can extend the life of your crown beyond 15 years through excellent dental hygiene. The location of the dental implant in your mouth is also a prominent influencing factor in predicting the life of your implant. Dental implants in the rear of your mouth are used more actively. Therefore, there’s a higher chance of them experiencing wear and tear than implants in the front of your mouth.

What Causes Dental Implant Failure?

Dental implants serve as a long-term replacement option for damaged or missing teeth. However, there are several conditions that may cause an implant to prematurely fail. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes or cancer have a higher risk of dental implant failure. Those who fail to maintain good dental hygiene can experience gum disease, which may also negatively affect the success of a dental implant.

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