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When Should Your Child First Go to The Dentist?

woman with childWhen it comes to children’s dental health, most parents are often unsure about when to take their child to the dentist. The confusion mainly has to do with whether to wait until all of their teeth have come in, or until there’s actually a real dental or oral problem.

At JP Dental & Implant Center, we, like many other dentists and professionals, recommend that your child should first go to the dentist when their first tooth erupts in the mouth. In other words, your child’s first visit to the dentist should be no later than age one, or within six months after the first tooth emerges.

The First Dental Visit

Your child’s first dental visit is likely to be quite short since it doesn’t really involve any kind of dental treatment or procedure.

The first visit is all about introducing your child not only to the dentist but also to the idea of regular dental visits.
It is important to make sure that your child is perfectly comfortable before the dentist can examine his or her mouth, gums, and teeth.

The dentist will then begin by taking a good look at your child’s teeth and look for possible signs of decay, swelling, bleeding, or other potential problems with their oral tissues, gums, and jaw. They will also explain everything about the basics of oral care and hygiene to the parents that might include topics or subjects like:
•  teething issues
•  essential oral hygiene habits and practices for good dental health
•  proper nutrition
•  fluoride needs
•  importance of regular dental checkups
•  oral habits like tongue thrusting and thumb sucking

Importance of the First Dental Visit

Your child’s first visit to the dentist plays a very important role in their dental and overall health. You must note that a child’s primary teeth begin to grow once they reach the age of 6 months, and it’s essential for the primary teeth to be recognized because:
•  they help children chew their food properly in order to maintain good nutrition
•  they promote a healthy smile
•  they play an important role in your child’s speech development
•  they help make proper space for your child’s permanent teeth

Frequency of Dental Visits

Once your child has had their first successful visit to the dentist, it is essential that you maintain regular visits for dental checkups so that your child’s gums and teeth stay in the best shape and health.

The first visit provides an excellent opportunity for parents to learn what is best for their child’s dental health and how to care for their children’s teeth. This will go a long way in ensuring the good health of your child’s gums and teeth.
If your child is ready for his or her first dental visit, contact us at JP Dental & Implant Center where we have a team of dental experts who will give you the best help and guidance you need for your child’s dental hygiene and care. Schedule an appointment by calling us at (970) 822-7622.


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