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Are you familiar with common causes of bad breath and what they entail? Did you know that halitosis, also frequently referred to as bad breath, is a condition in which foul odors emanate from your mouth? Although foul odors do emanate from your mouth, they are not always caused by it. In some cases, bad breath may be the result of a deep underlying condition within your body.

If you have an underlying condition including liver or kidney problems as well as respiratory tract infections, it may be possible that it will lead to bad breath. Furthermore, medications you’re taking may produce dry mouth as a side effect, which is a known risk factor for bad breath. In order to eradicate the symptoms of bad breath, these ailments must first be treated.

Often times though, bad breath is the result of poor oral hygiene issues within your mouth. If you have excessive plaque buildup or are suffering from toothaches or gum disease, it can give rise to bad breath. Furthermore, various substances you consume including garlic, onions or coffee as well as smoking or chewing tobacco, are known risk factors for bad breath. Should any issues arise in regard to bad breath, contact our dentist to arrange a meeting.

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