Our dentists and team are committed to making your experience at JP Dental & Implant Center as comfortable as possible. As part of this commitment, we offer dental sedation to help you feel more at ease and receive treatments with as little stress as possible.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on providing a relaxed, calm and anxiety-free experience for individuals undergoing dental procedures. This approach utilizes medication to help patients achieve a state of relaxation, making their dental visits more comfortable and less stressful. Sedation dentistry can range from mild sedation, where the patient is relaxed but fully awake, to general anesthesia, where the patient is completely unconscious. The type of sedation you receive will depend on your medical history, oral health needs and treatment plan. Our dentists will discuss all your options with you to find the type of sedation that is right for you.

When is Sedation Dentistry Recommended?

There are a few situations where sedation dentistry may be recommended, such as:

  • Individuals with Dental Phobia: For patients who experience severe anxiety at the thought of visiting a dentist or undergoing dental procedures, sedation can provide a way to receive necessary dental care comfortably.
  • Patients with Low Pain Threshold: Some people are more sensitive to pain than others. Sedation dentistry can help by numbing the senses, making it easier to endure procedures that might otherwise be too painful.
  • Children: Children who are fearful of the dentist or unable to sit still for long periods can benefit from mild sedation to ensure they receive proper dental care without trauma.
  • Patients with Special Needs: Individuals with certain cognitive or physical conditions that make traditional dental care challenging can benefit from sedation, as it allows for a smoother and less stressful experience.
  • Extensive Dental Procedures: For procedures that are particularly long, complex, or involve multiple treatments in one sitting, sedation can help keep patients comfortable and still, facilitating the work of the dentist.

Our Dental Sedation Services

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